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High Quality

We deliver the product with excellent quality for customer satisfaction. Indsat corporation delivers to top companies with a customer satisfaction rate of 97% from the client’s review.

Product Variety

We produce a variety of aluminum casting products according to the industry, needs, product variety, and requirements of clients.

Timely delivery

We ensure the product is delivered on time with a high level of standards required by the client.

Rated best Foundry

Indsat Corporation represented India in World Foundry Congress was held in Poland in 2010 and won the best foundry Award.


We ship the products according to the order placed by the client’s requirements and needs.

New Products

We also create new Aluminium die casting products for the market and supply them according to the requirements of the client.

Casting products


What Our Clients Say


Average Customer Rating

Excellent supplier for Aluminium castings
The most popular Company in aluminum die casting
Emerson India
Nice Aluminium casting company with experienced staff.
Nandha kumar
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